I can’t even begin with how much fun I had in Dublin with my mom and cousins… It was about 95 degrees and so worth it. <3

Also, a few new additions to my plant children happened…

The whitest one you see is called “Silverdust”. I thought it was so gorgeous and it made me think of puppy chow with how it looks like it has powdered sugar dusted on top.

The bottom greener ones are two different types of Ivy. One is English and the other is Californian.

The one at the very top didn’t come with a tab name, but I couldn’t resist. Then you have a succulent… which are just, adorable.

The store we went into reminded me a lot of Best Buy… but I forget the name of the place. They had so many amazing deals!! I’m actually wearing the shirt I got yesterday right now… Let me snap a pic!

You know, I also met Jar Jar. I was really surprised. But, he acted as if he were a bit tongue tied or something. Maybe he was nervous?

The rest you will see were art pieces and decor that I took pics of that really caught my eye..

And this antique home, that was remodeled into a chocolate house, had very cute bathroom decor. I just had to share~

😀 I so loved this mirror frame. My cousin told me that the wall plug in that bathroom was gilted and I had no idea what that meant… But I was so happy to find out that it was another word for stucco or rococo style, which I adore. Yay for vocabulary! Hehe~

Look at this adorable little mouse. <3

This was in the front of the building.

And this is a wall painting that caught my eye as we were driving fast… Sorry for the photo quality~

Have a lovely Friday all! Hope you enjoyed these pictures.*