Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Just a small post to announce something amazing that happened today:

This is literally a miracle, from The Lord Himself, to me. My purse was lost for a full month. I set my mind to believe that it was stolen. My ID was even in it as well and I can’t tell you how worried I was at first that my identity would be stolen. I decided to just hand it fully over to G-d. If I ever found it, wonderful. If I never did, wonderful. Either way I made sure to know that it would be alright and that I would just patiently wait for it to turn up. This morning I got a call, but I was asleep and couldn’t answer. They left a voicemail saying that they had found it on the back of a bathroom door in the veterinarian clinic I had been training at. Such a thrill came over me and I was speechless to hear it. <3

G-d is good, all the time. Even when we may be going through hard times. Even very hard times, He is always faithful if we continue to follow Him and trust in Him.

P.S. Here is what the purse looks like… I love the gold tiger. How would you have figured I like the gold part? 😉

Have a grand Tuesday!