Sunday, June 11th 2017


Today is the very first day of my public, online diary~ Ahhh!!

I’m oh so ecstatic. Duchess is sitting with me in this photo as I wrap my mind around what to share today.’* 

I might as well have you know, I am a true coffee fan. Every morning I have one cup. Exactly one cup. Yesterday I had TWO. Which is not like me.. TWO CUPS.

Oh caffeine. <3  Often when I take a break from having coffee just one day, my head starts to begin having a miiiild mild headache.


Random thought: There were many moments when I was still in highschool that the time seemed to move in slow motion. Now that I’m graduated, time is going faster than I ever thought it would. I’ll be 20 in September and it never really crossed my mind until recently how fast my 19th year has flown. It just reminds me to always cherish every moment and make every single day count. 


I went outside earlier to let Duchess out and couldn’t stop myself from sharing a photo of how beautiful the flowers are that my mother is growing. She has such a green thumb. I aspire to be as good with plants and gardening as she is.

There are currently 2 micro succulents in my room, so cute. I would buy a few more but first I need to make room for them. Thats next on the list!

  1. Organize my room


Here are the 2 micro succulents I mentioned:

I’m very excited to start this diary voyage – see you soon!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday,