Monday, June 26th 2017

Today was a Monday, for sure. Slow yet accurately completed. Today I did a lot of physical work to prepare two cars we have to sell.  The summer heat wasn’t too bad today but the bullets still came in sweats.

I got one photo of a car I washed and was pretty excited with the finished shine… Look at the cloud reflection! <3

Tomorrow I will be waxing both and then I’ll be done. D O N E. *whew*

Earlier I also went to the dentist for the regular cleaning and in the waiting room I stumbled upon a magazine with a really FREAKING GORGEOUS shoe photo. JUST LOOK AT THIS. It’s totally my style guys. Golden rococo swirls with black velvet and bling bling. Come. to. mama.

Anyways, hope you’ve all had a nice Monday! I’ll be doing some art hopefully tomorrow. 😉 I’ll keep up to date~